Woodlane Stories

The Woodlane Dojo was established in the mid-1970’s and was the very first Ishinryu Dojo established by sensei Ticky Donovan OBE.  Many instructors and students have made their contribution to our club over the years and some of their stories are detailed below.

Do you have a Woodlane story to tell?  If so, please submit it via email to woodlane@ishinryu.org.

The class of 2018

In March 2018 Woodlane ran an 'Adult new Starter' class to attract new students into the club.  Ten students attended on that first night.  A year later and most of that class are still here, having progressed through a year of quite intense training and passing a...

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Welcome to the Dojo – but leave your ego at the door

  This article, by one of our senior students,  describes the experience of starting out and training at Woodlane as an adult student.  In 1988 I stepped into the Woodlane Dojo for the first time.  Then in my early thirties, I arrived at the Sports Centre with my...

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Enter the Dragons

Students of all ages can train at Woodlane, and we have always accepted students from the age of six upwards.  However, in 2009 it was decided to open club in Collier Row, dedicated to children only.  The idea came from Australian Ishinryu following a visit there by...

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